1: This section includes the information you provide to us when you use our ‘Services’ and are asked to create your account to log in. This may include your name, email, contact number, username, and password. This may also include random questions about your work experience, office hours, and postal address. .
2: In case you are interested in buying software or becoming our permanent client, you will be further asked to provide payment and transaction details and registered bank information. This is to ensure that all payments are processed timely and easily. Sometimes, we may ask you to participate in any survey and collect some information there.
3: The information collected is solely for work purposes and to improve our service. We may need to share it with the prospective ‘Third Party’ of your choice with rules and regulations. This is to remind you that we do not sell any information.

1: Certain information is automatically collected when you visit or use our services, websites, or mobile web applications. The information may be used to reveal specific information about your device, data, computer’s operating system, or internet protocol (IP) address. The information is typically collected through cookies, tracking pixels, or other similar technologies that may identify your browser type, history, referring URLs, and device type with their unique operating system.
2: We use cookies to keep an eye on our services and their terms of use. These small files with the unique file of the anonymous identifiers are sent to your PC’s browser from a website and are stored there. You may accept or reject them, but rejecting or refusing all cookies may not allow you to use some portions of our services. We may share the collected information with our “Third-Party Service Providers” to look for network security and fraud detection etc.
3: Once you grant us the authorization to connect to another service provider, such as Google, we may store information as per the limited scope you provide us. Google information includes accounts and websites you are logged in to, events or meetings you have highlighted to attend, or calendar information with your name. This is important to keep your preferences maintained for future purposes and deals and discounts on software and apps.

Following the terms and conditions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we use your personal data (collected via sources and other means) for the following purposes:
• To improve, operate, and maintain our Services
• To provide 24/7 customer service and support
• To carry out the purchase of our software
• To manage your account
• To enhance security by detecting and combating frauds, scams, and other malware and security threats
• To detect and address technical issues
• To notify you about changes in our ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Services’
• To send you promotional messages and notifications regarding our products
• To answer your queries
• To conduct research and development
• To improve the quality of our ‘Services’ and enhance the efficiency to personalize your experience
• To let you participate in several contests and surveys
• To gather your feedback, analyze and process your information, and maintain legal and regulatory compliance
We may also share your ‘personal information’ with our third-party vendors working on our behalf to process your credit and debit card payments. This is done to ensure the implementation of correct market assistance, communicate updates, and carry out your requests timely and efficiently. As per mentioned in the ‘policy’, the information is not sold to any third party.
However, non-personal information can be used for several purposes including, analyzing and managing website traffic, carrying out promotional activities, answering the needs and queries of our customers, and taking measures to improve the quality of our ‘Services’. Since the information is non-identifiable, we may aggregate or combine it with others to achieve the set goals and objectives of our company.

1: OrixesTech is committed to protecting and securing your information from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, and destruction. Following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we make reasonable efforts and take the best measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your ‘Personal Information’. We take organizational-level steps to audit our security systems including encryption firewalls, intrusion detection, and network monitoring with physical access controls. All information shared with us is held in confidence.
2: However, the safety and security of your information equally depend on you too. A login password shared with you must always be kept confidential and is not to be shared with anyone. Always keep an eye out for a secure internet connection and while you are done using our ‘Services’, log out to avoid access to any subsequent user. Efficient security is impossible without your complete compliance with recommended rules and regulations.

1: Our platform deals with adults and strives to comply with the regulations and provisions of COPPA (The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). If you are a parent or legal guardian and think that your child has unknowingly shared sensitive or irrelevant information, contact our website and mark your inquiries to get them solved timely.

Since OrixesTech intends to be transparent about how it collects and uses information, be it personal or non-personal, we use tracking cookies and other similar technologies to know your preferences and efficiently enhance our website’s functioning. We use three different types of cookies:
1: Functional Cookies are used to enhance a website’s performance and activities by making it possible to navigate and use its features. They are particularly used for email and account management. They ensure the website is working properly and is continuously providing updated data to its users.
2: Analytical Cookies are used to collect information about its visitors, their preferences, ‘Services’ they are interested in, and how often he/she visits our website. They help keep records of website traffic and ultimately prevent any suspicious activities by providing details of the customer and their interest.
3: Third-Party Cookies are used to monitor affiliated websites, their ad responses, visitor information, user experience, and much more. They analyze your use of third-party websites that are/maybe, somehow, related to us. They are embedded in a domain other than the one user is visiting.
If you have any queries regarding the retention or use of these cookies, you can contact us.

1: You have the right to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ our “Privacy Policy”. Your trust and confidence matter a lot, therefore, you can contact us anytime and anywhere to produce changes in the data you have provided us. You can request to make any amendment to your ‘Personal’ or ‘Non-Personal’ information and may ask to stop sharing it with any third parties.
2: You also have the right to file a complaint against us if we are found guilty of tampering with your information or selling it to any anonymous third party without your consent. While we are delivering your project and you have some concerns or queries, you can raise them by contacting us directly or emailing us at info@orixestech.com

1: You can retract your agreement on the use of your ‘Personal Information’ by contacting us directly or emailing at info@orixestech.com However, you need to revise some clauses of the contract form you signed with us before clawing out of it completely.

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